Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have been MIA on  blogging this week for two reasons. #1 I am addicted to Pinterest and have to make everything I see. #2 I am decorating for Halloween which involves the first reason. Here is some of my progress:

This is my candy corn wreath. Everything I used to make it, I got from the Dollar Tree. 2 rolls of black ribbon, 1 foam wreath and 2 bags of candy corn.

I just wanted to show the cute little mice I put on top of the chair rail. They are all over the Dining Room/Family Room, but they just made a cool shot at this angle. I got these from Michael's from the Martha Stewart section for about $3 and some change.

We made about 3 of these ghosts with $1 white paper lanterns from Michaels and a sharpie. I haven't decided where to put these yet so they are hanging on the curtain rod until I get some fish line.

Here is a ribbon wreath that took up all of my free time in the evenings. I used 25 rolls of ribbon @ $1.39 a piece so this is not a craft for the frugal! The signs I put on it were only $1 at Hobby Lobby though.

Well there you have it, I know that my 3 readers are missing me!

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  1. Aww, I did miss you! Lol! I am making a Halloween wreath from Pinterest tomorrow! Yay! Haha! :)