Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chest Hair and Maxi Pads

Today has been a blur. We have been moving nonstop since we woke up to get the older boys packed and ready for their week at Grandma's. Of course, I am completely sick to my stomach so have to occupy my time by randomly cleaning and organizing as we pack. In between the busy tidbits of our day, I have had the opportunity to listen to my 2 little ones share some of their latest quirks.

C has spent the day trying to convince me that he is developing chest hair. He has been watching himself in the mirror and rubbing her chest while telling me to rub his chest, in hopes that I would see it too. It is so hard to keep a straight face, but he is so serious that I know he would be completely devastated if I so much as cracked a grin.

This brings me to my wild maniac D who has spent the past 3 days carrying a maxi pad purse that I received as a freebie in the mail. He told me that it is his "wallet" and is not keen on replacing it anytime soon. It goes well with the naked baby doll he carries on his hip. While it drives his Dad a little nuts, I feel like he will probably be a really good father in tune with his wife's cycle.

With A and B away at Grandma's this week, I am sure I will spend the better part of my days entertaining the 2 little ones. They will for sure be lost without the big boys to follow around. Hopefully this stay goes well and I don't lose my mind and end up driving 8 hours to get them back!

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