Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally Made It

Left side

Right Side

In between new student orientation(enrolling in 2 separate colleges for fall-vomit), PTA board meeting, and making homemade peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies, I made it to my classroom. I also made it to the Target dollar spot and Dollar Tree on the way. So it happens to be 2 separate classrooms with an accordion wall that I will open of course. There should be more than enough room and I will have 2 sinks. The downfall is that there is no bathroom in my new room and they apparently have a Sunday school group that meets there. I am so selfish and hate that I have to share a room. No one can take care of your belongings like you do. Plus side I found a few $1 items that everyone should have:

From Dollar Tree: Perfect for holding sorting materials
Target: These have 4 slots and holes at the bottom...I am thinking water table!

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