Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing a Little Glitter Won't Fix

I wanted to work in my classroom today, but of course I didn't make it there. My husband took the keys to the A-team van that had the carseats in it and the minivan is having thermostat issues. This gave me an opportunity to raid my craft supplies. After seeing someone paint their Tom's with modge podge and glitter, I had to do it! I love Tom's, they take a beating.
Using the finest (size not quality lol) glitter, I mixed it with modge podge and "painted" my shoes. To my surprise, they turned out awesome! I am debating on adding some Texas Ranger T's on them, but I am not sure. This was such a quick fix for my raggidy old shoes. On the original silver sparkled Tom's, I used the same size glitter that was already on my shoes.
Original Silver Tom's with stains and holes

Old gray Tom's with holes

Like new shiny Dorothy-looking Tom's and New Silver Tom's

Total Cost:  $3.47 for fine glitter at Hobby Lobby
Total Saved:  Atleast $90

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