Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day before I start back to work. The last two days I have spent savoring my time with C and D. We have went to the splash park, McDonald's, Dollar Tree, Grammy's, and watched a few baseball games on TV. 

I did not realize how much easier having just 2 children would be. While it is easier my heart aches for my other boys. I know they are having a blast, but I still worry nonstop. Did she put sunscreen on them? What if they don't like what she cooked for supper? Is she letting them stay up late? Did they wear their seat belts? I could go on and on.

Tonight I will spend making a autobiography to ready to my new class. Most of them had me last year, but I figure they will like looking at the pictures. I also have to spend time going through my curriculum book and starting on making plans for centers.

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