Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

1. Minimize my caffeine intake. Coffee and Coke Zero are my weakness.
2. Run atleast 3 5ks.
3. Visit my grandparents atleast twice. They are getting older and my children need to be around them to build memories.
4. Reconnect with atleast 2 friends I have lost touch with. My life has been so busy for so long. I miss having friends.
5. Save more money! We waste too much money on eating out, clothes, and running around.
6. Lose my holiday 10. It has been 6 weeks since I had a great run (before yesterday). I feel like a blob.
7. Stick to my family meal plan. I have really slacked off on my meal plans.
8. Read more to my boys. We read lots of books, but there are nights that are busy and it is not made a priority like it should be.
9. Get D out of diapers. He runs naked while he is at home. He will only potty if he has a diaper on.
10. Work on my relationships with my inlaws.
11. Go back to college! Who goes to college for 3 years and stops?(insert sarcasm)
12. Run 1000 miles. I hope to pass this by a bunch, but I needed a starting point.

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