Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sick Kids Rant and Rave

 In the wake of my insane 2 weeks of battling the stomach flu with all of my boys. I have washed sheets, scrubbed carpets, and bleached all surfaces multiple times. While I realize that parents have to work to pay their tuition. I also realize that a sick child will not participate in daily activities, not enjoy time with their friends, and contaminate the whole room. I have 4 children, when we get sick, it is an epidemic. We infect my parents, my brother and his wife, and then we all pass it back to each other. Come on folks, use some common sense when we drop off children in the morning. Here is my checklist:

1.  Have they thrown up today? If yes, STAY HOME!
2.  Do they have a fever? If yes, STAY HOME!
3.  Were you in the emergency room last night? If yes, STAY HOME!
4.  Have you been prescribed an antibiotic less than 24 hours ago? If yes, STAY HOME!
5.  Does your child have diarrhea? If yes, STAY HOME!
6.  Are your child's eyes full of green gunk and you had to pry them open? If yes, STAY HOME!

I am the world's worst about hating my children having to miss school. Sometimes that one day is very important. It is not worth the health of the rest of the class, the teacher, or the class' families.

As I am proofreading, I realize that I am a tad bit dramatic. I must say that this does not apply to my classroom this year as my children have not came to school sick at all. In fact, I have yet to call a parent to pick one up for illness. Maybe because I have so many health professional families this year?

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