Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skin Doctor

The dreaded trip to the dermatologist has been looming over my head for weeks. B started out with a small rash on his stomach and it has begun to spread all over his body. He has the immune system of an advanced HIV patient is what we were told once. I am going to have to agree with it, as he gets dreadfully sick whenever anything strikes our house. He has now contaminated his older brother so I luckily got to bring 2 children yesterday afternoon.

This appointment started out as a disaster. I have been unbelievably stressed with the hospital visit C, stomach virus for 2 weeks, veterinary appointments, work engagements, developmental issues with children at preschool, and the thought that the state of Texas is eating my house (foundation cracks!). As soon as we arrive at the doctor, A asked the nurse if she could "pencil me in because she has a few pimples on her face that should be looked at" Imagine my mortified look as a room of strangers glance to my cheek to see Mount Vesuvius greeting them.

Of course he means well, but A has to talk to everyone we meet, everywhere we go, at anytime of the day. As soon as the doctor comes in A shows him his rash as well as every mole, freckle and imperfection on his little body along with a story. The doctor of course shows more interest in a mole and now we will have to monitor it and go for a biopsy if it gets any larger. I guess it is a good thing that he has something to say all the time or I never would have known that moles should only be one continuous color.

As I am dealing with the copay and insurance woes, of course B would be having a panic attack about his shoe laces coming untied. I quickly ask A to help him out to which he responded "You have never taught us how to tie our shoes, I can't help him" UGGGHHHH! Although I know I have sat several afternoons making bunny ears and untying knots from laces, these strangers don't know that!

Luckily the boys are scheduled for a surgical procedure next week that should only cost a month and a half of my salary.

I left yesterday feeling insecure about myself, questioning my parenting, worried about moles, and stressing about finances. Now I know why I never take my children to the doctor.
Silly boys in their hospital gowns waiting on the doctor. 

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