Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At it Again

Only day 2 of having a blog and I decided to go to the craft store and make a bunch of things while J was working. After surfing Pinterest for a little while yesterday, I was pumped and had a list made (which i totally forgot). I put D in his crib and began my Masterpieces.

First I started with the button "R" on the artist canvas. This was simple and turned out cute until I decided I wanted to write our last name on the bottom and messed it all up. Now I think I will get a ribbon and wrap the bottom and side. It will give it more color. I only am going to take a picture of the top.

Next I did the forbidden crayon melting on the canvas picture.  First I hot glued all my crayons across the top. I opted for the smaller canvas because I got a great deal on a stack at Michael's. I used a whole 24 count box and a few stragglers in the boys craft box. After that I got out my blow dryer, set it on hot and the lowest setting. With a little help from C, this turned out amazing. We didn't allow it to melt completely down because I like having the Crayola logos.

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