Monday, September 5, 2011


I have contemplated making a blog for some time. I feel that my family has a ton of knowledge to offer.  I also feel that most days are so crazy, I don't have enough time to document our experiences to share with the boys later. We are definitely the most busy people we know. We have 4 boys, A, B, C, and D.

A is 8 years old and is our nurturer. He takes care of the younger boys way better than I took care of my brothers when I was his age. He is just like his dad as his imagination is always going full speed. He knows no stranger and initiating any conversation with him will result in endless knowledge of transformers and dragons.

B is 7 and has mild Autism. He is very detail oriented and the reason we have a schedule for everything we do. He is in his "bodily functions are hilarious" phase and is dismissed from dinner almost every night for his time out because of it. He is the only 5 year old to beat Super Mario Brothers on Wii, 6 weeks after he received it.

C is our wild man. He is constantly on the move and we can't get him to sit still to save our lives. He is B's arch nemesis and the 2 of them are forever battling. He was most definitely our easiest baby so I feel like we are paying for it during his toddler-hood. C recently started speech therapy and we are anxious to see what kind of results this brings

D is the typical baby of the family. Everyone in the house caters to him, even though we said we would never do that. He is always getting injured trying to do something the older boys can. He has been our only one with stitches, but he is also the toughest. He bounces back from injury in an instant and looks for more trouble. He is also my shadow.

J is our provider, husband, and daddy. He is artistic and creative. This causes us to butt heads all the time, because I am more of a realist. We are best of friends and met when we were 18, fell in love, and got married in 7 months. 11 years later, we are still together, so something must be right.

I am M. I work mornings at a local preschool teaching 2 classes. I love working with small children and changed my major to Early Childhood once we had A. I am always searching for new ideas for my classroom or to try with the boys. J is always irritated with me because I have a OCD personality. I start many hobbies and do them hardcore for several months before I find something else I like.

I look forward to sharing my story with you

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