Friday, September 9, 2011

Counting rocks...or so I thought

So this morning was so beautiful and cool, I thought I would take my class out early. On the way out we met a classmate who was running a little behind and mom said she would take him to the park to meet us. He eventually made it over and had a tough time leaving mom. I took him over to the sandbox and we sat down scooping dirt into buckets and talking about the different shapes of sand molds. He became interested in the rocks in the sand, so I seized the moment to talk about the differences in color and size and then we began to count our pile. Then I started to help him look for more when I picked up 2 odd shaped "rocks" when I realized I had a handful of dry cat poop. I could have lost my breakfast, but I ran inside to wash my hands (3 times). When I returned 5 minutes later, I noticed that there were ZERO children in the sandbox. I can't say I blame them.

While I am on the subject of the sandbox. My preschool truly has the best park in town. It has huge tires and bridges for the children, along with swings and a water center. However, the neighbors leave food out for the feral cats and we go through spurts when we have tons. I remember watching the news and they had a broadcast about this being against the law. Is there anyone who has any safe ideas for deterring these little guys?

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