Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Special Friend

Sure this looks like an ordinary piece of broccoli, but it is C's new friend. On a lunch date with Grammy and Evelyn, C decided he loved broccoli and left Cheddar's with a piece. He refused to eat it and carried it around awhile. It went to the grocery store with us and rode in the basket, it sat in the seat beside him in the car, and the I found it in my purse. (he said he had to hide it so nobody would eat it) This is proof that children do not need complex and pricey toys. They can find just about anything and make it fun, even a piece of broccoli.

During the typing of the post, C decided to eat his broccoli. Hope he doesn't get sick considering it was over 2 hours old and has been in some questionable places.

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