Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cheap Diaper Q & A

I have had 3 phone calls over this just this week.

I order my diapers from I get 1 case (Size 4 64 diapers) of Overnight Diapers shipped to my house for $13.84. I also get a box of Snug and dry (Size 4 140 count) for $23.45. If you get use Subscribe and Save then you get 30% off your diapers, they are delivered automatically and you get free shipping from Amazon Mom.

If you want to do this go here and sign up.

Next select what brand you want and they will be at your house within 2 days. I love this program because if I need more diapers, I go to my account and schedule a new delivery. I can also skip shipments if I need. Even though I am a coupon crazy maniac, I still find this is cheaper in most cases.

Also I use Swagbucks as my search engine for everything. Every 450 swagbucks I receive by searching, I cash in for a $5 amazon card to use on diapers. If I go to look at any website, yahoo, facebook, etc, I use the search engine to look for it to get more swagbucks. Go here and sign up.

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