Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carsick Already

If you know me, then you know I don't travel well. The day before I start to lose my mind. I get sick to my stomach, nervous, overwhelmed and wear myself out. It could be the fact that I have to pack for 6 people, deal with 2 carsick children (every single trip) or that I literally got sick on every car trip until I turned 25.

Today I am packing for my trip to West Texas to visit my grandparents. My husband is working his long weekend and not going so my stress level is already in overkill. My goal is to condense everything into one suitcase along with a diaper bag and my purse. (One can dream right?) My mother has already warned me that I need to leave my travel attitude at home because she can't handle a car ride with my dad and me being jerks.

Even though I have locked my only set of keys in the A-team van, had my teacher's aide leave class early an emergency, given a midday bath for unspeakable reasons, and suffered through an intense autistic meltdown all afternoon I am embracing my car trip and leaving my poor attitude on this entry. Wish me Luck!

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