Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Spy Bottles

For some reason this year my kids at school can't get enough of these. I only put 6 items in them because that is the most pictures snapfish will let you print out on a page. Plus the children in my class are very young. I take a picture of each item, fill a clean peanut butter jar with colored rice, confetti, or in this case little star pasta (it was on sale), and then put the items in. Then I glue the pictures on a piece of construction paper and laminate it. The kids can then use a crayon to mark off the items they find when they shake it around. It is such a simple idea, but it keeps them entertained for a long time. Make sure and glue the lid with a hot glue gun so you don't have a huge mess.

Note: This jar had 8 dinosaurs and I took out the 2 C snuck in the jar.

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