Friday, September 9, 2011

When Do I find the time?

So Everyone always asks me when I find the time to do things. Truth is, we never sleep! LOL I wake up before everyone and go to bed way after everyone. Here is a little glimpse at a typical day:

6:15-6:30   Wake Up. I try to beat the alarm because it scares the crud out of me. Get dressed, fix hair, makeup

7:05           Wake up the big boys. I lay out clothes and iron the night before. It is laid out in a line according to their age. They know this and grab stuff and go.

7:15            Make breakfast. A wants cereal everyday. B wants oatmeal. C and D usually want pop tarts.

7:30            Wake up little boys. Put their clothes on and sit them at the table

7:45            Everyone lines up to brush teeth and get their hair combed. They are then to make their beds, put on their shoes and back packs and sit in the front room and wait for everyone.

8:00            Drive big boys to school, then off to work.

8:20            Arrive at work and prep for my children for the day.

8:45            Finally take my kids to the rooms they will be in during the morning and breathe a sigh of relief. Then I pick up all the stuff they messed up in my room.

9:00-12:00  Preschool

12:00-12:30 Clean up while my boys eat lunch at a table in my room

1:00-3:00     D naps, C gets a little cartoon time and 1 on 1 with Mom. This is also when I do dishes, sweep and mop, vacuum and wash all the glass in the house from the morning.

3:00            Leave to get the kids from school because the traffic is AWFUL

3:30-4:00    Homework (someday I will post my feelings about this) and Snacks

4:00-5:00    Free Time to play in rooms or go outside. Most of the time the big boys play Wii

5:00            Everyone goes into the backyard, but D to play so I can start supper

6:00-6:30   Supper

6:30-7:00   Clean up supper mess

7:00-7:30   Baths (or as we call it the worst chore in the house)

7:30-8:30   Play room

8:30-9:00   Bible story, story, prayers and bed time

9:00-10:00 Iron clothes and layout for next day, make lunches, double check folders, put anything up that is out of place, Run a few miles for my sanity, watch Texas Rangers (usually this is on while we are doing night rituals minus story time.

10:00-11:00 Shower for me, check email and bed.

This is a loose schedule and thankfully I have an iphone to check all my blogs, websites, and facebook. If I am going to do a craft, then it is mainly during nap or bedtime. Sometimes I get lucky and it is something I can do on the porch while the boys play outside. Sometimes I am really lucky and it is something they can do with me.

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  1. Do they have any openings where you work? I would love to work a half day, and Kaden would get to play with kids his age...seriously. I can't imagine how hard it is with 4 boys! Even though you make it look easy!