Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A small laughable moment

B always manages to do something outrageous as we are sitting down to eat. It usually is moving seats repeatedly because he refuses to eat beside C. He also thinks it is funny to do inappropriate bodily functions. Yes, I know he has a social disorder, but he is very smart. He knows that everytime he does a belch or the other, he will serve the time.

Yesterday, he pulled the typical "I am not going to sit by C, because he is not my friend. I like everyone in the family, but not C." So we sent him off to his spot and flipped the timer. As soon as we all were seated and hands were folded. He says "Atleast wait for me to say grace sheesh" with his little lisp. So, of course, we all waited the timer out and he came up to the table so we could pray and eat. It is those funny little things that made me want to start my blog. I don't want to forget the silly little things that happen in  my day and make me love these little boys so much.
Here is the wildman after he decided to "glue" (gel) his hair all by himself

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